If you are looking for a comfortable and smooth sleeping mask to enhance your sleep. This is the right product for you to invest your money in. It is meant to offer you great and long-lasting services. This product is also extremely suitable to be carried around and is also meant to offer you the effective services even while travelling. This surely does blocks out each and every ray of light in order to provide you uninterrupted and peaceful sleep.


sleep mask silkThis mask is able to offer you the required comfort and convenience for your eyes. It is also a valuable asset to have if you want a comfortable and uninterrupted sleep. It can easily be adjusted according your size and provide you a perfect fit. This mask is able to work perfectly no matter in which sleeping position you are. It allows you to take a nap anywhere you want by blacking out even the little hint of light. It is made out of soft silk on both the sides and is able to provide you the soft touch against your eyes. This sleeping mask is also easy to be carried around and will not at all take much of your storage space.


  • This sleeping mask is appropriate to provide you the right fit no matter what size or shape your head are.
  • You can also make the required adjustments with the help of the provided adjustable strap.
  • The strap is not meant to stuck up in your hair.
  • This sleeping mask is extremely thin as well as small, making it the suitable travel companion of yours.
  • It is light in weight and does not cause any kind of excessive pressure on your eyes.
  • It is extremely comfortable to wear and is meant to completely block out the light.


  • There no washing instructions provided with this sleeping mask.


The Jersey Slumber 100% Silk Sleep Mask feels against your skin because of the silk that is used to manufacture it. It surely is one of the best sleeping masks that are available at present. It is known that you will not in any case be disappointed by the services offered by this product. Also, you will not have to time to time pay for the sleeping masks as it is able to provide you durable services.

In the most simplified language, cryptocurrency is the digital money. The aspects which polish it is that it is designed in a manner that it is secured. These currencies are situated with the internet and can only be operated under it. It is generally an activity in which all the legible information is transformed into a secure code. Breaking the code is almost impossible; this aspect successfully protects all the purchase and transfers. A person may wonder to know but such currencies have a history which dates a lot back when two people need to concern something very important. Bitcoin is the digitalized face of it only, here the computer science and mathematical theories have been used to make are secure.

When was it introduced? This currency was first time introduced in the market long back in the year 2009, and till now it is very well recognized by the persons. Since that time in today’s time, a lot of currencies have been introduced and all of them can be easily seen in the market, JET8 is one of the best suites examples of it.

How do they work?

This type of currency is making use of the technology, which is decentralized in order to allow the count of the user to make secure payments and grab a safe side for self. It also allows the person to store the money without making use of a name or any financial institution in the form of bitcoin. These currencies usually work on the blockchain, a ledger distributed publically.

The process of creating these currencies is compared to the mining and even it is right till extend as all this usually involves the usage of the power of the computer. They do it in such way as it solves all the mathematical issue which can cause some serious issue while the generation of coins. The users are only allowed to buy the Ethereum from brokers and store in such currency wallet.

Why make use of them?

The characteristics which make these currencies so much demanded is – that they are secure and moreover hold the ability to offer anonymity level, it is most usually not available at anywhere else. It also cut off the chances of fake practices. It is the reason that why bitcoin is termed to be the safest and advised to be considered by others as well.

The fee charged by these type currencies is quite lower in the comparison of others, it also successfully makes it the most genuine and reliable option. As they consist of the decentralized nature, it is easy to access them, unlike any other platform where accounts can only be opened after proper authorization.


It is quite clear from the above-stated aspects that what is cryptocurrency, how do they work and why a person should prior to making use of them. In case you are convinced enough to make use of it, head forward and invest in it to enjoy the advantages related to it.

“On Saturday, Avatars Offline, a documentary on massively multiplayer online worlds and the people who love them (too much), was premiered to a standing-room-only audience. Go see this movie; it is funny, informative, and thought-provoking.”
-François Dominic Laramée

“Avatars Offline gave a delightful and entertaining look at how non-gamers perceive our strange hobby, how we perceive it and more importantly how it affects our lives.” 
-Nick ‘Glip’ Parkinson
Ass. Admin of ‘The Safehouse’

Around the world, hundreds of thousands of people, most of them over the age of 20, spend a significant portion of their life in front of the screen. Socializing. Making friends. Chasing dragons. Getting armor. Meeting soulmates. They are willing to lose friends, family and spouses to live a life “more real” than their own.

‘Avatars Offline’is the first feature-length documentary exploring the origins, present and future of virtual worlds such as Ultima Online, Everquest, Dark Age of Camelot and the upcoming Star Wars Galaxies.

Through interviews with the developers, avid fans, self-described addicts, scholars and vocal critics, the film seeks to shed a first light on what many believe may be the most significant medium of the 21st century.